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clinical hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions


Clinical Hypnotherapy is used to affect long-term changes in our habits and behaviors that are resistant to conscious efforts to stop, modify, and/or permanently release.

It is also useful for identifying the cause of automatic thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns we struggle to resolve in life and change them for the better.

A deep relaxed state of focused concentration is used to guide you to the root cause underlying the issue in your subconscious mind.  You are in complete control and very aware the entire time, managing the process as though you were speaking to a friend.

Additional techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Future Pacing Visualizations are used in a session to assist with a positive resolution.

Hypnotherapy enables deep healing and transformation mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Each session is a safe and sacred space for you to understand the past, address it, and clear the path ahead.

Suitable for resolving:
  • Fears
  • Low Confidence
  • Poor Self Esteem
  • Mental Blocks
  • Feeling Stuck in Relationships/At Work
  • Manifesting a Change
  • Anxiousness
  • Weight Loss
  • Money Issues
......and more
Time Frame

Sessions last 90 minutes*. Typically three sessions are required to transform a long-standing issue. 

The first session lasts 120 minutes.*

Catapult To Success

Catapult To Success™ - Self-Belief Bootcamp

Suitable for:

Catapult to Success™ is a structured process over the course of six months to train your mindset to high-performance levels.

Success begins in the mind, and you focus on retraining and reformatting your mind on all aspects of yourself to make you a confident leader at work, at home, or in relationships.

CTS consists of three hypnotherapy sessions interspersed with four 1:1 coaching sessions on mindset management.

Requirements:  A full-time commitment, paid in advance to secure a spot.  


Your first hypnotherapy session can be applied to the package.

Those moving from middle management to leadership; moving from college into the workforce; taking a new life role, or just letting go of old feelings of low self-esteem that no longer serve you.
Time Frame

Sessions last 90 minutes* 3 Sessions with intermittent 1:1 coaching appointments over the course of 6 months.

The first session lasts 120 minutes.*

Life Purpose or Career Alignment Session

Life Purpose or Career Alignment Session


We have the ability to access our passions, dreams,  life purpose and ideal work by dialoguing with our subconscious mind.

Often life challenges can send us off course, or being in a role which overwhelmed our self-awareness over a long period of time can make it difficult to connect with our core essence, and what we truly want to do.

This session follows time back to period of time where this information was known to you - often between the ages of 7-12.  

A recording is made of the session for you to review the information and process how that informs your path ahead.

Suitable for:
Wonderful for job transition periods, or even starting out after college to gain insights into what you love to do and be able to carry that awareness with you as you shape your work moving forward.
Time Frame

Single sessions last 120 minutes.

Areas I Can Help You Transform



Low Confidence






Weight Loss




Workout Routine



Life Purpose

Career Advancement

Public Speaking




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