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 It's Finally Time To 

 Get That Promotion. 

I help women in business catapult to greater levels of success by reprogramming the way they think using hypnotherapy and mindset coaching. 

Believe In Yourself And Catapult to Success

Catapult to Success™ is a six-month self-belief boot camp specifically designed for people who want to maximize their professional potential and feel confident in their next role, company, business, or life chapter. 


Let's face it - the success game plays out in our minds first, and our lives second. 

To lead and win, you need a strong sense of personal power fueled by self-belief and confidence cemented in your mind.

Like an athlete, having a coach train your mindset for success will expand your capabilities, accelerate your progress, and help you realize a greater return on the most important investment you are making: THE INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF.​

"Aim for the high mark and you will hit it."
~ Annie Oakley

With Catapult to Success™ you will rid yourself of:

  • Feeling Like An Imposter

  • Relentless Self-Criticism

  • Being a People Pleaser

  • Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

  • Holding Back in Difficult Conversations

  • Underrepresenting Your Contributions

  • Needing Your Work to Be Perfect

  • Needing to know everything before moving forward

  • Missing opportunities because of self-doubt

  • Focusing on Your Job, Not Your Career

  • Staying Too Long in An Unsatisfactory Situation

  • Failing to Raise Your Professional Profile

  • Limiting Your Network

  • Fear of Using Your Voice

  • Fear of Making Mistakes

  • Failing to Ensure You Are Set Up to Succeed


I would highly recommended Lydia for her transformational work. She knows what’s she is doing and is well experienced. Go into it with an open mind for change. I lost 15 lbs that I was holding on to for a long time. It released my doubts I can have what I want without struggle. I loved my sessions with Lydia. She is an amazing listener and addressed my needs. Her voice is soft and gentle which helpful so you can relax. It worked for me right away, it was really life changing for me. I listened to the recording for a few months every night. It was soothing. It has been a really good experience. I was open to seeing what she had to offer.I have done therapy and it’s always helped but what she does is a step beyond. She’s a great listener and works with you on a personal level. Really amazing and relaxing. It is working for me.


Change The Way You Think And Catapult Ahead

This life-changing program will catapult you ahead in your career by helping you embody greater levels of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-belief.

During the course of six months, you will be guided through a complete makeover in your mindset as you eliminate the limiting beliefs in your way and add the beliefs and behaviors you desire.  


But How?

  • Educating you about the phenomenal power of your mind and showing you how to harness it to deliver what you want. 


  • Excavating your current challenges to identify the root cause of the subconscious self-limiting beliefs holding you back.


  • Elevating you to your next level performance by transforming self-limiting beliefs and hardwiring the outcomes you desire both professionally and personally. 

Achieve more as a better you.

Become the leader of your life and catapult to the opportunity you know you deserve!

  • Speak with authority and self-assurance.

  • Advocate for yourself and the resources you require. 

  • Make decisions and execute confidently.

  • Work with senior leadership, accept criticism.

  • Manage change, lead through challenge.

  • Operate with patience and diplomacy. 

You will also:

  • Believe you are worthy of success.

  • Manage stress better.

  • Keep moving when you make mistakes.

  • Accept yourself and your vulnerability.

  • Have expanded compassion for yourself and others.

  • Manage and keep healthy boundaries.

During the course of six months, you will be guided through a complete makeover in your mindset as you eliminate the limiting beliefs in your way and add the beliefs and behaviors you desire.  

"All battles are first won or lost, in the mind."
~Joan of Arc

Discover How Your Subconscious Mind Holds the Keys to High Performance 

Everyone who has at least ten years of professional experience has seen how skills and brain power only get you so far -- there is so much more -- interpersonal relationships, taking risks, politics, and timing -- all factor into how successful you are in your work.

And no matter how much you learn about your field and improve your skills -- the one thing that doesn't necessarily continue to develop are the core beliefs you carry about yourself and your capabilities -- those walk in with you on your very first day.

Those core beliefs most likely were formed during your early years, and they have gotten you far -- but maybe not as far as you want to go.

When you want to be a leader, business owner, or top performer in any realm, you need a strong sense of self-belief and confidence mixed in with knowing that you are enough and worthy of success.  

You need to be "all in" - and feel good about yourself and your potential as much as possible.  When you have doubts or fears, you probably have a limiting belief buried in your subconscious mind and it is holding you back.

We all have "limiting beliefs".  They are subconscious -- and they can be changed!!!  And if you want to win, why not eliminate your limiting beliefs and get all of your mind in the game?

Get rid of limiting beliefs!  They are not necessary.  


I am here to help you by bringing my business background and training in clinical hypnotherapy, mindset/life coaching, and energy modalities to help free you so  you can create a solid sense of self-belief and a success mindset.

I know you bring your entire mind, body and heart to everything you do. 


Let's get all three aligned and moving in the same direction so you can rise to the top and WIN.

Be freed to succeed.

Leave doubts and emotional confusion behind you so you can have the professional success YOU want and deserve.

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