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Catapult to Success™ and get that well-deserved promotion.

 Confidence.   Success. Power. 

 All Start in Your Mind. 

I help people catapult to greater levels of success by reprogramming the way they think quickly and efficiently using hypnotherapy and mindset coaching.



Do you struggle with...

Feeling Stuck

You’re tired of feeling stuck and worry something is wrong with you because you feel like you cannot shift no matter what you do.


You you feel out of control and worry something bad is going to happen which distracts your focus and depletes your energy.

Imposter Syndrome +

Inner Critic

You don't believe you are in the right place, sell yourself short inwardly or are your worst critic and continuously feel like you could have done better.

Unwanted Habits  

Every habit is first a habit of thought, often connected to an emotional need or connection that went unmet long ago. They can often point toward helping to calm deep-seated feelings of not being good enough.

Workplace Success

Challenges in the workplace can stem from a misalignment in our views of our own value versus what is being reflected to us, or the behaviors of colleagues who trigger sensitive emotions buried in our past.


Outdated beliefs about your value and ability to be wealthy keep you underpaid, or from asking for what you want and deserve.

Physical Appearance + Weight Loss

Physical pain can be a signal of stuck or unexpressed emotions from past experiences; eating also has its roots in your emotional past. Extra weight is most often tied to emotional situations that prevent you from feeling and looking your best.

Meeting/Exceeding Your Goals

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective tool to help direct your mind to achieve your goals - and then some. CEO’s and Olympic Athletes use the same visualization techniques to succeed and win. 

Fear and Mental Blocks

Specific fears and/or mental blocks come up repeatedly and slow or halt your efforts to move forward. When the issue feels "unchangeable" it will most likely have its roots found in the subconscious mind, and can then be modified for the better.

Speaking & Self Promotion 

Speaking up is scary it and shuts you down, especially with groups or superiors, limiting your opportunities and network connections.

Emotional Challenges + Sleep

A good evening sleep routine is key to balancing your emotions and giving your brain and body the time needed to cleanse and repair. Due to stress or emotional challenges, we can’t operate at full capacity nor enjoy our days.

Feeling “Not Enough”

Sometimes no matter what we do, we feel we are not “enough" to receive the love, approval, acceptance or success we desire.  By accessing the root cause for this limiting belief — you will move from feeling lesser than — to feeling great about yourself, who you are, and your life journey.


I would highly recommended Lydia for her transformational work. She knows what’s she is doing and is well experienced. Go into it with an open mind for change. I lost 15 lbs that I was holding on to for a long time. It released my doubts I can have what I want without struggle. I loved my sessions with Lydia. She is an amazing listener and addressed my needs. Her voice is soft and gentle which helpful so you can relax. It worked for me right away, it was really life changing for me. I listened to the recording for a few months every night. It was soothing. It has been a really good experience. I was open to seeing what she had to offer.I have done therapy and it’s always helped but what she does is a step beyond. She’s a great listener and works with you on a personal level. Really amazing and relaxing. It is working for me.


How Hypnotherapy Works to Create A Successful Mindset

Lydia with client

Hypnotherapy identifies and transforms limiting beliefs blocking your success by accessing their root cause often found in the subconscious memories of childhood.  You do this while in a relaxed, focused trance state as I guide you along the discovery and resolution process.  


You are in complete control and are very aware the entire time. The sensation is similar to how you might feel when tuning in watching a movie or thinking about what to have for dinner while driving your car.  


Once identified, your limiting beliefs and associated feelings are explored, understood, reframed, and released.

This creates an opening for you to reprogram your mind with positive self-beliefs and reinforce what you want to see occur in your future.

All healing is targeted to your individual needs, and customized to suit your desired goals. After a hypnotherapy session you will feel brighter, energetic, and freed from the past. You will also understand how to manage your mindset going forward so self-belief will never be an issue again. 

Meet the best version of yourself

(You'll be glad you did)

What I Wish I Knew Years Ago

  • Our brains and bodies are mentally and emotionally programmed, not all good.

  • Limiting beliefs formed in younger years are the subconscious source of unwanted feelings and behaviors.

  • You CAN reprogram your mind to have the belief sets you desire.

  • You need to know where to look.

Many people think they can overcome almost anything if they put their mind to it, right? Not always. can feel like your mind is working against you, no matter how hard you try.

Lydia Hatton, MBA Headshot
Lydia Hatton College Graduation from Harvard


I know, I’ve been there.  I struggled to resolve fears and doubts throughout my life and at times was miserable.... 

I explored talk therapy, complementary healing and spiritual practices hoping something would turn the tide of the anxiety I felt driven by self-doubt and fears of "getting it wrong".  


Even with an MBA from Harvard, climbing to 20,000 feet in Russia, and working as a VP in a multi-billion dollar media company -- I could not figure out what was holding me back from my goals and it influenced my professional life, my relationships, and ultimately, my health.


Several years ago I had the opportunity to try hypnotherapy and the impact was immediate, clearing the root cause of the lifelong patterns of low self-esteem that had been blocking my path and rocketed me forward in self-worth and self-confidence.


I knew I had found a critical key to enabling success in life by unlocking the healing power of the subconscious mind, and trained to become a clinical hypnotherapist and mindset coach to keep others, especially women in business, from the years of struggle I had experienced


As a seasoned business executive, working mom of two, only girl with five brothers, clinical hypnotherapist and mindset coach -- I know this modern approach to healing your heart and mind will transform your life both personally AND professionally.


It is effective, and efficient.  You'll feel better about who you are, feel more confident, powerful and self-assured -- and you will know at the deepest levels you are worthy of living the life you dream about  -- a life beyond limits. 



I invite you to explore with me how to reset your mind to work FOR you using hypnotherapy and mindset coaching so you can catapult ahead to greater levels of success and fulfillment.


Lydia Hatton on Dock

Lydia Hatton has her B.A. from Columbia University, Cum Laude; MBA from The Harvard Business School; and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. 

I have unlocked the CEO mindset

(and I want to share it with you!)

Stop Wasting Time and Energy.

You can reprogram your mind and transform your life.

You hold the answers to your healing and transformation. When the subconscious root cause of an issue is identified, all parts of you - mind, body and spirit -- become engaged to affect an energetic shift at all levels as you learn, heal, and let go, making space for the new version of you to move in and take hold.

Lydia and her Dog Celeste
Lydia Hatton Black Background

Hypnotherapy is a Game Changer.

Your subconscious mind is enormously powerful.  In a hypnotherapy session you will understand how it influences what you think, where it stores old emotions in your body, and how it plays outdated mental programs.  

And then you can release what no longer serves you, reclaim your power, your confidence, and transform. 


Most importantly you will learn to control your mind so it no longer controls you.

That's a game-changer.

 Become more confident, sure, and powerful.

What Do I Do Now?

1. Schedule A Call On My Calendar
2. Transform the Way You Think and Feel
3. Realize Your Professional Goals With Self-Belief & Confidence

“Let’s Get Started!”

Schedule a complimentary call and we will create a plan to set you free of your limiting beliefs and build your power.

Hypnotherapy Services and Programs

Get your energy back, and operate at your full capacity. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions

Designed to focus on a specific goal so you can achieve desired behaviors, emotions, and outcomes.

Sessions run 90 minutes and several sessions can be required depending on the scope of the issue you wish to address.

Helps With:
  Lack of Confidence
  Low Self Esteem
  Weight Release
  Smoking Cessation
  Public Speaking
  Life Purpose
.......and more.

Catapult to Success™ 
Self-Belief Bootcamp

A 6 Month Mindset Bootcamp for people who want to be top performers in all aspects of life.

Comprised of three to four hypnotherapy sessions and 1:1 mindset coaching to anchor a deeper level of self-awareness, self-belief and self-acceptance admired in all great leaders. 

In preparation for your next promotion or big assignment, invest in a full mindset reset for you to walk into any situation with deep-rooted self-belief, confidence, and access to your inner power and resources.

Life Purpose or Career Alignment

Single sessions customized to your needs to clarify and provide insights on your ideal work or life purpose.

Your subconscious mind holds a wealth of information for you about your inner desires, hopes and dreams. 

Wonderful for job transition periods, or even starting out after college to gain insights into what you love to do and be able to carry that awareness with you as you shape your work moving forward.

Change your mindset and win.

Don't let an outdated set of limiting beliefs formed in the past keep you from the success and fulfillment you want right now.


Change the way you think because you are worth it.


I know it, and you will too. 

When you know you are worthy - you end up worth a lot.

You Have My Word....

It is my commitment to you to guide you thoughtfully and caringly through your transformation process for you to realize the best version of yourself.

Hypnotherapy is Safe & Effective
Sessions are Equally Effective Done Remotely as In-Person
You Will Gain Fresh Insights and Learn to Master Your Limiting Beliefs
Your Self-Worth and Self-Confidence Will Flourish

Feel better about yourself, and show up as you want to be seen.

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